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How to Build a Garden Slug Beer Trap
by Gary Pilarchik LCSW-C
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Why Build A Slug Beer Trap

Click to enlarge. Bok Choy -damaged by slugs
The evidence is my Bok Choy Bok Choy. No it truly is not a war cry to attack and destroy slugs. Its the casualty. All of the holes while in the leaves are from slugs. Youll recognize coarse sand round the base. It did not allow. You will notice pulverized lime for the leaves. It didnt support. So I additional beer traps.
The simple truth is… managing slugs inside backyard normally requires a different stage approach. This Knol demonstrates you one particular technique to allow diminish the volume of slugs inside your backyard.
The Provides

Slug Lure Materials

You are able to decide to buy foil tins at your neighborhood food market. The form and depth with the tins will not seriously make any difference. I advise tins which were 1 – three inches deep. Any bottle of beer and some yeast can also be wanted to develop the trap.
The slugs are attracted to the yeast. A touch extra yeast sprinkled in along with the beer aids to bait the entice.
Deciding on the Place
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Cabbage and Bok Choy

Select a place thats rather near for the crops you should protect. I tried protecting the abovevegetableswith coarse sand. The heads within the center are Bok Choy or Chinese cabbage. They have been fiercely attacked by the slugs and I am holding them like a casualty crop. I allow the slugs attack them and so they pay a lot less awareness to my other crops. Proper around the cabbages is where Ill construct the beer entice.
Placing the Tin

Place the tin at ground degree

There isnt substantially to say but dig a hole and drop the tray in. The edges within the tin will need to be flush using the garden soil. We want it to become simple for the slug to crawl or fall in to the entice. The moment they fall in they drown.
Baiting the Lure

Fill the beer trap with beer plus a bit of yeast

Fill the entice about34 the way in which entire with beer and drop inside of a bit of yeast. The entice is set.
Trap Destinations

Protection for my spinach turnips and parsnips

Two traps for my cabbage patch

A entice with my other Bok Choy plot

Keeping the Traps
I discovered I have to vary the beer all 2-3 days. 3 days could possibly be pushing it. In case you wait for a longer time it wont do substantially more than sour and odor terrible. Remember to create a pinch of yeast for the trap when you switch the beer.
Beer traps perform perfectly and really should be component ofyour assault in your own war against slugs. Ive not noticed a tactic to eliminate every single slug but acquire it is easy to actually lower their figures with the backyard.

I advise this Knol for a different pest- Controlling Leaf Consuming Caterpillars with Bacillus Thuringiensis Bt

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