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Top 3 Ways to Maximize Your Small Business Machine Consulting Profits
Within the last few 7 years Microsoft Small company Server SBS has acquired traction as a widely-respected Small enterprise Server networking package.
As a result many small enterprise computer consultants devices integrators and value-added resellers have got jumped on-board the microsoft Small Business Server bandwagon.
However before you go ahead of time and bet YOUR company on Microsoft Business Server consider the pursuing three Small Business Server Business Tips so youre able to maximize your Small Business Server consulting profits.
Just one Most small businesses close to you have never heard of Milliseconds Small Business Server.
However there may be hundreds if not thousands of small companies in your area that would be fantastic candidates for microsoft Small Business Server never make the ultra-common mistake of assuming that the typical non-technical business owner even knows exactly what Microsoft Small Business Host is. Httpwwwwindowsproductkeysorgwindows-server-2012-key-c-32htmlpage1sort2a
If you want to increase your consulting profits and steer clear of commodity price battles youre much better off primary off with a try to sell for something thats more universally acknowledged such as getting rid of computer system viruses stopping Unsolicited mail or preventing computer system security breaches.
2 Sell your small business prospects on YOUR company first.
The real money in Small Business Machine is NOT in selling the Microsoft Small Business Server software. The actual money comes from advertising the RELATIONSHIP with the small business. So your company basically becomes your users outsourced IT section.
Remember no small business operator is going to wake up during the night in a cool sweat craving Small Business Server. However small businesses DO constantly get rid of sleep over and what will happen to their organizations if their computer systems fail them. Become the solution to the more primal emergency instinct and youll get a good amount of opportunities to sell Organization Server once youve founded a solid clientconsultant relationship.
A few Microsoft doesnt value computer consultants just as much as they sometimes say.
Disconcerting fact- the first version of Microsoft Business Server planned throughout 1996 and launched in 1997 seemed to be code-named SAM because Microsofts goal was with regard to Small Business Server to completely bypass their merchant channel and be marketed at Sams Club storage place clubs.
So the solution team had the mandate to make your little friend Business Server merchandise SO simple a non-technical small business end user could possibly buy Small Business Hosting server at the warehouse club and have the Small Business Web server suite running in their office that 24 hour.
Shortly after the first-version shipped Microsoft realized that by far the most cost-effective way to reach small companies with Small Business Web server was through their particular reseller channel. Furthermore as then Small Business Server resources have flowed toward the funnel.
However even today you can often find 5-user versions regarding Microsoft Small Business Web server in retail stores.
Therefore the point- Microsoft just isnt putting all its Business Server eggs a single basket so why when you Which brings us time for points one and 2- Small business owners arent positively shopping for a Small Business Machine. So instead of promoting Small Business Server per se youre much better off advertising a small business on YOUR firm BEFORE you sell Microsoft Small Business Server.
The Bottom Line
On this page we looked at several Small Business Server small business tips that every computer system consultant systems integrator and value added reseller needs to be aware when offering Microsoft Small Business Server.
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