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Exam – Cisco 642-072Headline – Ciscor Unity Design and NetworkingCUDN
1. Your customer is anxious about security on the Cisco Unity Single Messaging installation. That two steps are they going to take to improve safety Choose two.A. Install antivirus software program.B. Perform a evening backup.C. Keep voice-mail information on the box.N. Install Cisco Security Agent for cisco Unity.E. Segregate Cisco Unity powering a separate firewall.Remedy- AD

2. You are required to consult on a cisco Unity installation on the customer branch area. Users have slower access when they go to Cisco Unity for you to retrieve their mail messages. At the branch spot there are 2000 people on each of the two Cisco Unity hosts and two Exchange hosts. The call traffic is relatively low. buy cheap exchange server 2013 standard product keyexchange server 2013 standard keyexchange server 2013 standard download edition key25 users There is never ever a time when all locations are busy about either Cisco Oneness server. At secret headquarters there are two Cisco Unity servers two Trade servers and a domain name controllerglobal catalog server.How will you solve the issue in the branch locationSome sort of. The Exchange Optimizer app should be run on each messaging stores.M. An additional Exchange machine should be added to this remote site.H. A domain controllerglobal catalog machine with name decision should be added to the actual remote site pertaining to authentication.D. More fiber-optic-level bandwidth should be added between the Cisco Unity servers and the Alternate servers.Answer- G
3. Which Cisco Unity component may VERITAS Backup Exec back up that this Cisco Unity Tragedy Recovery Tool does notA. routing guidelinesB. SQL databaseC. operating systemD. off-box emailsAnswer- C
Four. Some Cisco Oneness Unified Messaging consumers complain that they are not able to make a TRaP association when attempting to engage in and record information through their personal computers. What is a possible source of thisA. The firewall separates these kinds of users from Cisco Unity.B. These users are not certified for Unified Online messaging.C. These consumers need to have their Swap mailboxes modified to permit access.D. Your Cisco Unity hosting server does not have a sufficient amount of Unified Messaging the required permits.Answer- A
Your five. You are setting up VLANs intended for integration with Internet protocol telephony. Cisco Unity must reside where VLANA. on the same VLAN because the Cisco Unified CallManagerT. on the same VLAN as the message serversC. Within a voice-mail-only environment on the style VLAN in Cisco Unity Unified Messaging it doesnt matter.D. The words VLAN is preferable but not mandatory.Answer- B
6. Refer to the actual exhibit. Given the facts shown and knowledge of which hardware transcoders are installed on the particular routers which codec needs to be used by the Cisco Unity server pertaining to prompts and communication record formatA new. G.711B. G.726C. G.729aDeb. GSM 6.10Answer- A
7. Consider the exhibit. A corporation has a remote division with 50 phones. There are no hardware transcoders around the routers.With the setting as presented which in turn statement is true in relation to codec use on the Cisco UnityA. Cisco Unity should be arranged to use G.729a.N. Cisco Unity ought to use G.711 with regard to messages.C. Cisco Unity should use G.729a for mail messages and G.711 with regard to prompts.D. Cisco Unity codec must always be matched to Cisco Unified CallManager in central messaging deployments.Answer- A new
8. You are attempting to deal with subscribers on some other Cisco Unity machines. When you attempt to link you are denied access. What is the probable result inA. You can use merely Terminal Services for this specific purpose.B. You do not have permissions and must run your Grant Unity Entry utility.C. You can not manage Cisco Unity servers located outside your dialing site.D. The Cisco Unity server you try to reach has the Cisco Security Agent with regard to Unity installed.Remedy- B
buy cheap exchange server 2013 standard product keyexchange server 2013 standard keyexchange server 2013 standard download edition key25 users

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