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“Cash For Gold” Scam?

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Have you seen the commercial with Ed McMahon
and Mc Hammer selling all their gold to this


It was a Super Bowl commercial.

You know who can afford to pay 3.5 million
dollars for 30 second Super Bowl ads?

Companies like Cash4Gold that make over 100
million dollars a year.

America is sending this company all their gold.
And it’s being sold for 9 to 18% of its true value.

So here’s my question to you, Andy …

Why not have them send YOU all their gold

Hhmmm …

Click Here to Have America Send You Their Gold!!

You know, some people are saying Cash4Gold
is a scam.

Well guess what.

They were saying the exact same thing about
“Cash for Houses” during the housing boom!

I actually agree that paying 9% to 18% for gold
isn’t the best idea. Why not pay a little more than
that and have your customers actually like you at
the end of the day?

Why not pay a little more than that, and have them
send it to you instead of Cash4Gold?

“But Preston, I don’t have money to buy people’s

You sound like my real estate students.

It’s the same thing as real estate wholesaling for the
most part. It’s not your money you’re using. It’s
your buyer’s money.

And here’s the beauty of it …

Unlike real estate where you have to go hunt down
a buyer and hope for a good profit margin, you have
a guaranteed buyer at a guaranteed price for gold …

The Refiner

You see, refiners will pay anywhere from 90 to 98%
of market price for gold. You’re simply the middle
man between them and people who don’t know they
exist (and don’t care to know).

The best part is they’ll pay you that 90-98% in cash
or gold bars

Are the lights starting to go on yet?

The Lights <—CLICK HERE NOW!! Watch the Video!!

Let me lay this all out for you as simply as I know
how …

– 25% of Americans are out of work right now, and
this will double very soon. They are desperate for
cash. They aren’t aware that their gold nameplate
from high school will pay their mortgage this month.

– Refiners will pay almost $1,650 an ounce for this

– There is currently a little-known opportunity for
you to step in the middle of this and make a ton of
cash (and gold).

And there are ways, as we have seen with Cash4Gold,
to ramp this up into a very big business.

I recently met someone who did over a million
dollars in business doing this exact same thing. I
want you to meet him. His name is Matt. He’s only
24 years old, but he is on to something here. He’s
going to teach you exactly how to do all this.


Be good.

p.s. The Gold Video comes down Tuesday night
at midnight

p.p.s there are only certain refiners you want to work
with. Matt will tell you which ones.

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9 Article Marketing Tips!!

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Article marketing could do a bunch for your company. You merely need to recognize a couple things as well as apply some key research, here are some tips to assist you.

1.If you understand for a truth that your writings might be very useful, then do some analysis about it and then end the post with a hyperlink to your web site. Prior to you transferring the post, check if the internet site you plan to place this has this as one of their subject matters.

2.Just as, what you check out in the tabloid or view on television, the post needs to be both reasonable and also newsworthy. This will certainly permit you to remain in touch with exactly what is happening around the globe. One great way is signing up with a website that provides you alerts with concerns to particular topics.

3. Some writers,, write one article, and thats it. Like motion picture writers in Hollywood, you should post a part two to this due to the fact that there could possibly be current brand-new ideas readily available which you could distribute to the public.

4. You really should additionally make your articles viral-like. Just what this suggests, simply is allowing additional individuals to release your post merely as long as nothing at all is altered, and also you are offered credit for it.

5. Each article you develop should be short as well as straightforward. Simple so that they will be able to understand the information you are trying to convey.

6. So, exactly what amount of articles does it take to boost website traffic? The really good news is that you just require 2 to have points started. If your article catches their passion, that individual may most very likely press on the hyperlink to your website as well as then get a little something.

7. You are able to stop at merely 2 articles to market your site. If you have additional products, you should develop articles on them as well then mention them in the source box at the end of your post. This is realized as cross-referencing which a lot of webmasters enable their contributors to do.

8. Apart from publishing your articles in additional websites, do not fail to remember to post these in your personal website or blog. Once more, if individuals like exactly what is written there. Than those individuals probably would enjoy reading it several times.

9. Aside from posting in sites, use RSS feeds. There are lots of them around therefore utilize it.

Here are 3 options for article writing. The 1st is to create an article on your own, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem… The 2nd is to hire someone to write articles for you. There are many article writers out there, and very inexpensive (Do You Homework here).
The point is,, to get people to your site or blog–That’s were you cash in… But remember, they must ENJOY your articles, so they return and or subscribe..

By adopting these article advertising tips, I say, go out and Research! Write! and get those HITS!

OH,, I almost forgot.. the 3rd option,, THE SPIN REWRITER 2.0

A new software that I use alot, not always…. Just WATCH the video!!

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Article Marketing Robot…. Simple Push-Button Software!!!

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The totally automated approach that you have adopted for the complete process of Article Submission is what is needed. The Article Marketing Robot automatic sign up process and email confirmation is seemless, the inbuilt article editor and functions included are supurb, and there is only one thing that can be said about the inbuilt synonym thesaurus ‘WOW!!!!!!’.

The fact that the Article Marketing Robot then goes and submits all these articles to every article site in the database of in excess of 1000 Article Directories is truly outstanding. But then they have gone even further, and built in a timed submission system so that I can decide how many articles to submit and how often.

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I highly recommend The Article Marketing Robot through gritted teeth as I would really like to keep this just for myself!